Parent Liberation Project and Alliance

The Parent Liberation Alliance has partnered with international parent nonprofits and NGO's to bring the Parent Liberation Project and facilitator training to their communities. Find out more about this global outreach and how your international organization can participate.

Liberating Families


You can take the online Parent Liberation Project course NOW by clicking here. Your training counts toward facilitator certification in future programs. Find upcoming speaking engagements and in-person events as well.
Our Nonprofit Mission 
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PLA Partner, the Association for Parent Education in Africa

How Are We

Supporting Conscious Parenting In Africa?

Parent Liberation Alliance Global Partners
PLA is an evolving, cross-cultural program that provides parents with the science behind child brain development along with insights and tools for reflecting upon cultural norms as a conscious move toward building the emotionally intelligent families and compassionate communities needed for peaceful social change.


The Parent Liberation Project and Alliance is a 501C nonprofit educational initiative.  Discover our short and long term goals, as well as how you can participate as a volunteer and supporter.  Read endorsements of our program here as well.